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Rick Blankenship [Character Animator]

Show Reel:
Phone: 713-480-6748


Character Animator with extensive experience using 3DSMax and Maya.
Highly adept at creating entertaining hand keyed animation, while developing the latest rigging techniques.
Proven success with a wide range of animation styles from realistic to cartoony.

Work Experience

RETRO STUDIOS [Animator] May 2013 - Present
- Key-frame animations on Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

- Animation for player package and non playable characters

DISNEY INTERACTIVE / JUNCTION POINT [Animator] June 2010 - April 2013
- Responsible for key-frame animations on classic Disney characters
- Create complex in-game and cinematic animations
- Implement character performance for games using Havok Behavior tools
- Art Lead on unannounced prototype project

PANIC BUTTON GAMES [Animator] Aug 2009 – May 2010
- Primary Animator responsible for schedule, animations, and rigs for console development
- Animated and rigged quadrupedal, bipedal, robotic and undersea characters

EDGE OF REALITY [Animator] Nov 2007 – Nov 2008

- Responsibilities included key-frame animations on hyper-realistic human characters
- Choreographed and animated complex melee attacks involving multiple characters
- Animated player package and non playable characters
- Animated 1st and 3rd Person weapon animations

ARCHANGEL STUDIOS [Animator/Producer/Sound Designer] March 2003 – March 2005
- Animated players and modeled stadiums for original game idea
- Wrote design document detailing storyline, game play, controls, technology, and AI
- Created all sound effects and wrote original music for Aardvark Aadventures


ANIMATION MENTOR [Advanced Studies in Character Animation] Graduated Sept 2006
- Conceived, developed story and animated a 1 minute short film in a 6 month time frame
- Performed advanced multi-character acting tests
- Built a solid animation foundation based on the principles

LEE COLLEGE [Design Drafting Technology] Certification Completed 1997
- Learned free-hand drafting along with multiple (CAD) programs
- 3-D modeling, mathematical concepts and problem solving

Game Titles

Epic Mickey 2, Epic Mickey, Swords, Attack of the Movies 3-D, We Wish You a Merry
Christmas, Cipher Complex (did not ship), Aardvark Aadventures